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Virus and Spyware  Removal - Tuneup

Is your system running unusually slow? Is it freezing while surfing 
the web? There are many things that can cause your system to under perform. Our technicians 
will conduct a thorough analysis 
of your system to expose the causes and provide solutions.

Computer Repair - Upgrade

At Cyber Team Solutions we understand how important the proper operation of your system is to you. Our promise to you:

  • Provide free estimates for services and repair.
  • Conduct all work promptly with high quality service.
  • Advise you of preventive measures to keep your system in good operation.


Data Recovery

Did you delete your family pictures 
or important documents?  Is your
computer no longer functioning and
you can't access your important files?
No need to worry.  Our expert technicians 
can recover your data even if your 
computer will not start.  


Information Technology

Our expertise does not stop at the PC level. 
Please ask our support personnel about our 
consulting services that can help you leverage 
the power of IT.

Networking - Wireless

Let our network certified technicians install, configure, troubleshoot and repair your wired or wireless network. We'll always provide tips on how to keep your network secure.

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